Monday, 30 August 2021

Youth Unemployment And The Rise Of Entrepreneurship

There is a reason for the popular saying “the youths
are the leaders of tomorrow”. Our youths represent the future and are a great asset to our nation. A country working towards a sustainable future invests in creating opportunities for its young to thrive, an economy that helps their dream, supports their creativity and supports the livelihoods of the youth.  

Thursday, 26 August 2021

African Music Giants: Angelique Kidjo and Burna Boy

 From a time when the rest of the world thought all African music sounded like the opening score in Disney’s “Lion King”, to an era where contemporary African Music has made its way into the global mainstream, watching our sound and culture break barriers to take their place on the world stage has been satisfying to say the least. Whether it be the bubbly Afrobeats of the west, or the vibey Amapiano of the south, African music is evolving and we couldn't be prouder to share our eclectic sound with the wider world.

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Jay Jay Okocha: The man, the myth, the legend.

The year is 1993, sometime in the month of August. Eintracht Frankfurt is playing Karlsruher SC in the German top-flight premiership league, Bundesliga. Frankfurt is leading by a mere 2-1, and in comes a quick counterattack. As it develops, a young African receives the pass as he is one-on-one with the great English keeper, Oliver Kahn. A simple shot or lob will do, but not for this African kid. He first feints the keeper who takes a dive and fails spectacularly to stop the shot, then this kid takes the two defenders trailing him, to a deep dark forest. He nutmegs one, feints again before using his left foot to put the ball behind the now dazed keeper along with the sprawling defenders. It isn't just a goal, it is poetry in motion. 

This unassuming young Nigerian goes by the name Austin Azuka Okocha, popularly known as ‘Jay-Jay Okocha’. 

So good he is named twice.

Us- horror with a side of reflection?

Young Adelaide |Universal Pictures

Are you interested in the idea of a doppelgänger? Oscar winner Jordan Peele gives you exactly that but in the most bone chilling manner.

Peele is the first African American to win an Academy Award for best original screenplay.  Belonging to a mixed background and Peele has been questioned numerous times if Us will be a scrutiny of racism in America like his movie Get out. However, on numerous occasions Peele has reminded the audience that Us is NOT about race rather it is about checking another box in representation, the idea about seeing a “horror movie about a black family” as said by Peele. He also clarified to the RollingStone that it is imperative that people tell “black stories without it being about race.”

Sunday, 22 August 2021

Chimamanda Ngozi's - Half of a Yellow Sun

“There are two answers to the things they will teach you about our land: the real answer and the answer you give in school to pass...They will teach you that a white man called Mungo Park discovered River Niger. That is rubbish. Our people fished in the Niger long before Mungo Park’s grandfather was born. But in your exam, write that it was Mungo Park.”

- Odenigbo, Half of a Yellow Sun

Thursday, 19 August 2021

3 of the best fish recipes from the Africa

To understand a culture, the best approach is by learning how people relate to food. Africa is a unique continent, diverse in culture and varied cuisine that brings delicious meals to your table. There are thousands of recipes in the African kitchen, and, I will be revealing a few. That sounds like injustice, right? It doesn’t matter because you are going to appreciate (arguably) the best fish recipes from the continent!

North African Grilled Swordfish Toast

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Jollof: A Tale of Two Nations

Ghana Jollof
Ghana Jollof

Have you eve wondered where Jollof originates from, who made Jollof  first? Who won the jollof wars? Grab a seat, get the full dossier of the meal that goes back over 400 years! 

It is said that Jollof rice is to West Africa what paella is to Spain, risotto to Italy, biriyani to India and fried rice to China; without a doubt, the meal has become a West African sweetheart. Although the history of this stewed rice delicacy can be traced to Senegal and Gambia, and all West African countries have their own variation of the dish, the battle for jollof royalty is mostly between Nigeria and Ghana. Nigerian food writer Jiji Majiri Ugboma writes that "the Jollof feud between Ghana and Nigeria is arguably the most heated food debate amongst any diaspora" and anyone familiar with the feud would agree.

Saturday, 1 May 2021

GSPartners - Everything You Need To Know Before You Join

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Currently the GS Partners programme is the best residual income program with amazing benefits other programs can only hope for. Register here 

GS Partners promote the GS Lifestyle card. It is a Block Chain referral company There are numerous ways to earn from partners and these are lifetime residual earnings for as long as the client renews and uses the card which I assure you will be natural. The card is in over 30 African Countries! This makes the potential for African partners amazing! Some of the benefits of the card include:

Where To Buy Bitcoins For Africans

Bitcoins is at it's most affordable in recent years and this is a great opportunity to buy Bitcoin and invest in businesses that use this alt-currency. So where can you get your Bitcoin?

Below is a list of websites where you can comfortably buy Bitcoin if you are in the listed African countries . Visit this page often for updates.

Monday, 19 April 2021

Passive & Multiple Multilevel Income Streams Pipeline

Everyone is either talking about it, doing it or thinking about it. Having money that continuously flows so we can not only meet our daily expenses but live a little is something we continually seek and is what is behind our everyday hustle.

I took it upon myself to see what is available out there and this resulted in the links page where you can get websites to learn new skills and get clients who pay for different jobs and, more importantly The Money Pipeline - a range of businesses in traditional business and multilevel marketing that are credible and give an opportunity to not only earn residual income but gain skills that build you as an individual and your network. I believe going through this range of businesses and the skills required to be successful will not only ensure financial independence but build character and confidence and so giving us all the freedom we seek.

The Money pipeline is organized in steps each step determined by skills gained and, or the business you will be building. Granted in the process we don't stop building - both ourselves and our businesses.  

In this article I explore 3 steps in my six-step pipeline of 10 income streams. You can implement this anywhere in the world.