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Everything You Need To Know About Smart Hela Before You Register

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So the latest money making platform is SmartHela. Is it worth paying attention to> It may not be a full time occupation but it definitely will help contribute to your multiple streams of income 
So today we continue on the series on how you can make money during Corona Friday I talked  about Petronpay which is global and today I would like to talk to you about Smarthela which is in Kenya only. As with all investments I will say do not invest beyond what you can do without if you lost.

Now how it works is a mix of affiliate, multilevel and normal marketing. The structure of the programme is muliti -level as with most online platforms that have a referral programme. You earn up to three levels down. Your registration fee is KSh450, you earn KSh250 from level 1, KSh100 from level 2, and 50 from level 3. So key if you are joining is that you should register broadly to earn the most.

Now you register on SmartHela either through a referral or directly. Now if you ask me registering through a referral even when you have an option not to is good because it creates team spirit and you get mentorship.

So once you have registered you get to pay the activation / membership fee and it is done through MPESA. So login and you get to go straight to your Dashboard. There is no email verification probably because you paying money reduces the probability of giving a fake email address.

Now when you are logged in there is several options of how to make money like most online platforms.

  1. -          Watching YouTube videos
  2. -          Spinning and winning
  3. -          Answering Trivia Questions

Another key benefit is discounted airtime.

So where will you get downlines you may ask? The most obvious option is social media however we know in a short time social platforms normally deactivate joining platforms. So find other ways of doing it. Talk directly to family and friends, send out sms’s, what's up stories, Instagram and telegram just put your link out there.

Now If you ask me - is this a good long term strategy? I would say if the members focus on creating content and the owners on getting into more geographical locations and having corporate advertisers  for their members there may be a long term strategy beyond 3 to 5yrs which will take us beyond Corona

Tell me have you tried Smarthela? If you have not here is my invitation link. Join and let me know what you think in the comment section below. And please visit my YouTube link and subscribe. Hit te notification button to find out what the next money making opportunity available to you is.


Level 1 -TZS 7,500🌟

             Level 2 -TZS 3,000🌟🌟

             Level 3 -TZS 2,000🌟🌟🌟

 Join using this link:

Uganda 18000

Level 1 -UGX 8500🌟

                 Level 2 -UGX 3500🌟🌟

                 Level 3 -UGX 1700🌟🌟🌟

 Join using this link:

Rwanda 4500

Level 1 -RWF 2200🌟

                 Level 2 -RWF 900🌟🌟

                 Level 3 -RWF 450🌟🌟🌟

Join using this link:

Nigeria 2000

You will EARN as follows :-

                 Level 1 -NGN 900🌟

                 Level 2 -NGN 350🌟🌟

                 Level 3 -NGN180🌟🌟🌟

 Join using this link:

Use Chipper to pay for your account

.After registration  login to your chipper cash app 

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