Friday, 9 April 2021

How PetronPay Works

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Good day everyone this is Annabel and today I am going to tell you how PetronPay Works. So Petron pay is a US-based company in Miami that trades in crude oil. They buy when the price is high and sell when the price is low and this is how they make their profit.

The company started in 2010 expanding in 2019 to other parts of the world. So why didn’t we hear about this company before?

This is because investment in this company was only open to private investors with a minimum investment of 150,000 dollars and above. So even if we had known about it the majority of people  would not have been able to afford this.

From 2019 the company allowed public investors to become part of Petronpay with a minimum starting investment of 25 dollars. Other investments include 50 dollars, 100 dollars 250, 500, 1000, and 2000 dollars. The company pays earnings on your capital ranging from 0.2-2.5% However the average is 1.5% earning on your capital per day on Monday to Friday.

Petroleum has become a much coveted investment product as it offers high liquidity, excellent profit opportunities under virtually any market conditions.

So let’s get down to how we earn.

With Petron pay there are six ways to get income.

1.       The first on is profit sharing.

Now this is what I mentioned above the 1.5% return on your capital  Monday to Friday

2.      The second way is through recommendations.

So each direct referral that activates their referral account you receive a 10% bonus on any of the barrels they buy. So if someone buys the 25 dollar barrel you will receive 2.5 dollars if they buy a 2000 dollar barrel you receive 200 dollars.

3.       The third way is through binary earnings

This is where the team build comes in. As you build your team, the direct referrals fall to the left and right. Two legs on left one right.

The company at the end of the day calculates the number of points on each side and you receive 50% of the points on the lesser side.

So for example if the the left side has 5000 points and the right side has 3000 points you will receive 1500 points which are 50% of the right side.


4.      Fourth way is the renewal program

This is where you receive half of the 50% of the Binary points when your team renews.


When using the example I just mentioned, where your binary bonus was 1500 points, you will receive 50% of that when they renew. This is an extra 750 points you earn in that example.


5.      The 5th the way is a three-star bonus.

To qualify for this you must have three direct referrals with activated accounts. These are referrals who have invested in Petronpay with any of the barrels.

The total of the three combined accounts is added together and you receive 10% of that total. Remember this is a three-star bonus so there have to be three referrals that have activated their accounts.

So an example of how this works is if you have one person who has bought the 25 dollar barrel another who has bought the 50 dollar barrel and a third who has bought the 100 dollar barrel, the total of those three barrels is 175 dollars.

You would then receive 10% of that which is 17.5 dollars.

6.      The final way of earning is the awards bonus.

This is based on the points you accumulate in the binary. These points as you accumulate them allow you to go through a program of rewards. Currently, there are 11 stages in the reward program with rewards at each of these stages which range from 100 dollars to mac books, cars, trips, and even a house.

Petron pay has great incentives for you to grow your business and share this opportunity with others to do the same. So now you can either use the link on this video or in the comments or go back to the person who added you to this group and gets started.

Do not delay if you want that Petronpay.

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