Thursday, 15 April 2021


While the are many way to make money, various sources of information and there are a few places you can get everything you need to make things work for you. The links on this post are my go to either for stuff, information, or are my referral links. 

Affiliate/Refferal/Multi-level Program To Make Money Only

SmartHela; Online reliable Referral Program for quick money the bigger your 1st level network the better

Check Credibility of Companies/Reviews

Trust check credibility of online companies 
Foxy Rating; check credibility of online companies
Beer money Forum; Reviews of online money making websites 

Financial Service/Banks/Cards

Binance: cryptocurrency exchange and wallet
The GS Lifestyle: International Crypto card plus 5 different fiat currencies. Has affiliate program
Payoneer:  International card with 5 fiat currencies. US bank account - US bank account.
Wise Card : Another international card with international bank accounts from UK 
Mpesa Till Application: apply for Mpesa till for your business 
Paypal: Receive payments and payout
PesaPal: Receive payments and payout
Standard Chartered Bank App
Coinbase: cryptocurrency exchange and wallet 
BlockChain: cryptocurrency exchange
Tala: loan app. It is reliable for unexpected expenses and a big help for the future! Use my code 1HDU689 or click to sign up!


Graphic Design

Canva: Professionally design anything; your posts, covers, cards, and any promotional item


Development Aid;  positions in development organizations 
Fuzu; Get Jobs/employees
UN Volunteers; positions at the UN

Mining/Investing in Bitcoin

CryptoTab; Mine Bitcoins 
Presearch;  next generation search engine with opportunity to make Bitcoins when you search
ScryptCube;  Invest from 4.90 USD for Mining

Selling Online 

Alibaba; Bulk Shopping
AliExpress;  Shopping, Card, cloud computing, movies, Affiliate program
Amazon; Shopping, cloud computing, movies, Affiliate program

Writing & Freelance Work 

Constant Content; blog writing 
Upwork - all freelance work
Fiverr - creative freelance work
Toptal - all freelance work


Video Compressor; compress videos and items upto 1GB 
Rakuten Advertisin;: Affliate network

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