Thursday, 15 April 2021

Making Money To Invest $0-$300

Now last week I promised to show you how to get bitcoins if you have no or little  money to activate your PetronPay account. And that is what this video is about.

I have sprinkled golden nuggets right through tis video so watch to the end so you do not miss anything. Some of the options will give you a couple of dollars by the end of the week while others will give you about 300 dollars with no investment

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Did I say that there is a secret sauce sprinkled right through this video? Or that you should remember to like subscribe and hit the notification button? Ave you done so? Good  let’s get on with it.

So they say if you are teaching something you start from the known to the unknown. So first what can you do right now for money? That may be just the first thing you explore or may be you are already doing it. If so, Well Done! If not and the reason is your lazy, are negative, keep procrastinating then Oga, Madam swipe left

1.Borrow: that is what many of would do. But the problem with begging is that it can hinder your creativity and make you dependent.

2.      Get a job: I can hear you laughing. I understand there are no physical jobs. But after you have gone through the routine of dusting your CV making sure its current then try out the job hunting websites. Fuzu, brighter Monday, UN volunteer, development aid. Seriously if you are under 40, have a certificate, and you have not tried any or all of these for a job search then you have not yet tried. Keep hunting unless you have made up your mind that you totally do not want to be employed.

3.       Get an online job especially if you love working on your own o r you are in a tech related field, creating apps, architectural drawing, actually in this day and age everything is tech related so whatever you would normally do there are many options for you to register on an online platform that will match you to customers.

4.      Sell something

a.      Affiliate programme

b.      Directly

c.       Register on an online market place

d.      Yadayad you know these things if you are on this page.

5.     Now in my next post we look at how I have combines these different options to create a pipeline of 10 income streams.

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