Saturday, 3 April 2021

More Free African Series To Binge On This Easter


Today, I decided to mix up a the series review a little: We look at A short story and movie alongside the series, why? Is see you asking – the message its always about the message with me – remember I am here to educate or to put a smile on your face but preferably both! Let me know how I am doing. My name is Annabel Onyando. And I would love it if you give your feedback o the comment section below.

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So lets get on with it!

First in this list, is the Movie If I am President

This is one of those ‘same script different Actors kind of story’ and I like the different actors Ayo Ayoola who is the lead as Zinachi Ohams, Rahama Sadau, Bimbo Manuel, Joke Silva, Bryan Okwara, Rekiya Attah and Ivie Okujays amongst others. The individual actors do a decent job and the mood is right through out the movie however I believe specific scenes especially the crowd scenes could have been better, better camera angles consistently to make the small crowd look seem larger.

Now this like I said is not a unique story, talks of the corruption in African politics and empowerment of women and youth so we can change the narrative. Though a repeated story and targeted to the Nigerian society, it is a story that must be told over and over again all over the continent, not because we don’t know but because each generation of a new crop of Africans repeats exactly what the generation before it did, so this is a message to be continually to drummed in all our heads.


Next is A beautiful mind – A short story

It runs for about 20 minutes. I love the angle the script writer took with this one! It definitely send home the message loud and clear. What would your mind say if it had the opportunity to speak its mind?

Now I think this should have been a full feature I feel quite a lot could have been brought out if ever there is a sequel, is it possible? Sequel to short story…. Anyway let me know so I can let others know. Mental health is important in this day and age and we should be more aware of how we handle and mishandle our minds

Three cast production with Baaje Adebule, Olaide Adeyiga, and Olabimbe Abaniwonda

Next  is Sugar Chops

This is a comic story of a single mother and her daughters’ that are unending. The girl makes the most stupid mistakes as she manoeuvres life and always gets in trouble  for the most damn things. Her reasoning is outrageous and perspective of how she deals with and views life around her hilarious 

First time I am seeing Arayike Owolagba, she acts as Chipssy and ace’s it, Bisola Ayieola acts as her mum Miss B and as usual she brings in her A game. Others in the cast are Ayuba Adebayo, Timmi Richards and Mofe Duncan – so far at least a picture of him


Then we have Saints and Sinners

This 2018 mix of Ghanaian and Nigerian Actors brings a whole new perspective to where the saints and sinners are in society. Originally a TV series it has been repurposed for the web .

A worship leader and pastor’s wife present schizophrenic tendencies and causes pain and suffering around her.

Cast includes Matild Obaseki & Jose Tolbert are the leads. They act in very different roles from what we have seen them do in recent years which I find interesting. Others include Francis Onwochie, Ruth Nkweti, Anna Ebiere, Ian Onwodi, Maureen Okpoko



Now if you have not watched this do so, so you ready to catch up on season 2 that kicks off in April. Yes its another Lagos night life story but this covers the politics, intrigues and dangers the city from a bewildered student turned cab driver perspective. It’s not the regular cab guy’s experiences, the politics, entertainment and shifting of powers that go on in the city in the cabdrivers world bring to light a cab in a whole ne perspective.

Stars : Ijeoma Grace Agu, Gbubemi Ejeye, Chinenye Agu, Degri Emmanuel


So that is this weeks review of your free dose of entertainment. Tell me, have you watched these, did you like them? What would you like me to review next…. Put your comments below. 

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