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Passive & Multiple Multilevel Income Streams Pipeline

Everyone is either talking about it, doing it or thinking about it. Having money that continuously flows so we can not only meet our daily expenses but live a little is something we continually seek and is what is behind our everyday hustle.

I took it upon myself to see what is available out there and this resulted in the links page where you can get websites to learn new skills and get clients who pay for different jobs and, more importantly The Money Pipeline - a range of businesses in traditional business and multilevel marketing that are credible and give an opportunity to not only earn residual income but gain skills that build you as an individual and your network. I believe going through this range of businesses and the skills required to be successful will not only ensure financial independence but build character and confidence and so giving us all the freedom we seek.

The Money pipeline is organized in steps each step determined by skills gained and, or the business you will be building. Granted in the process we don't stop building - both ourselves and our businesses.  

In this article I explore 3 steps in my six-step pipeline of 10 income streams. You can implement this anywhere in the world.

In my search for the perfect process that would earn me multiple streams of income I put together a 6-level process that includes a range of platforms and activities that when activated you have at least 10 income streams. This system can be comfortably implemented as is if you live in East Africa (because some of the programs are only in E.A.) but with a little investment you can start from the 2nd level and implement it any where in the world.

Now these may not make you a billionaire but if you work at it and continually reinvest your earnings will enable you live comfortably by the time you get to the end of Step 3. Use the links to register to the different programs and start building your businesses and income streams. You can join at any level as long as you have the money to invest at that level

Remember this is investment and results will vary depending on the markets, your hard work and the level at which you start. Keep coming back to this page for an update of other businesses in the pipeline. 

Coming soon is a workbook that will help you monitor your progress and ensure you do somehting everyday to grow your business.

1. No investment - INVESTMENT $0

With no investment you can do different jobs online so you can get the money to get started. Depending on what you get you can start at level one or two. However, to build the structure and skills I recommend you invest a little at each level so you build the network. For suggestions on how to make money when you have no money to invest watch the video HERE and use the links in this page to get projects and jobs you can do for money. 

2. SmartHela; - INVESTMENT KES 450

ind out more here 

This is NOT a Blockchain company but is  good because:

a)  it not only teaches you how to get started in multilevel but you also get to build a multi-level network online that you can grow with. 

b) The initial investment is small so resistance based on the capital investment is low. 

c) As you start earning you discipline yourself to save and learn about new skills and technologies. The most important now being Crypto currencies.

d) Teach your downlines to grow their network and save their earnings by seeing future possibilities 

e) At this point a. Open a Digital wallet either with Block Chain or Coinbase and change your savings to Bitcoin till you have about KES 3000 or 25 USD in Bitcoin 



Level 1 -TZS 7,500🌟

             Level 2 -TZS 3,000🌟🌟

             Level 3 -TZS 2,000🌟🌟🌟


Uganda 18000


Level 1 -UGX 8500🌟

                 Level 2 -UGX 3500🌟🌟

                 Level 3 -UGX 1700🌟🌟🌟


Rwanda 4500

Level 1 -RWF 2200🌟

                 Level 2 -RWF 900🌟🌟

                 Level 3 -RWF 450🌟🌟🌟

Nigeria 2000

You will EARN as follows :-

                 Level 1 -NGN 900🌟

                 Level 2 -NGN 350🌟🌟

                 Level 3 -NGN180🌟🌟🌟


Use Chipper to pay for your account

.After registration  login to your chipper cash app 

3. PetronPay: Join and activate your PetronPay account.

Starting with the 25-dollar barrel build your investment in PetronPay to the $2000 barrel.

Note:  PetronPay alone gives you 6 incomes streams aside from the other options we will be looking at. 

Find out more here

4. GS Partners  

GS Lifestyle is a global card that enables one use their crypto and any other fcurrency in its global network. Partners are able to earn from inviting others and benefits range from money to houses. The leveling up that also comes from using this global card is in its itself worth it.

Join here: 

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