Let’s spell it out; as the world becomes more technologically advanced, it seems to spin out of control; we do things differently, people are changing, new diseases emerge, things are getting better even as they get worse, fashion trends become extreme, the music and art, values and opinions all get crazier by the day! Stop the madness!

All said, don't we all thank God that showing off your underwear is getting out of style???!

I love music, cars, fashion, good food, wine, and travel, however, my heart is in African talent, entrepreneurship, and entertainment. Politics was never my thing and world issues can give me a headache. However, these things affect our lives so they occupy my mind more than they should. 

As I try to figure out my place in the middle of all these with God as my moral campus, I invite you to journey with me. This blog journals my musings, moments, and observations as I go through life. Please add your perspective on the comment sections or visit my YouTube page - like subscribe and comment. If you have something to share, I and my team are happy to feature you on this blog.

I share to help us all improve, mentally physically, and spiritually. Replicate what is working ….wash and rinse till you get it…. trash what is not.

I look forward to hearing from you !!